ataraxia - Oil On Canvas Vol. 2


This is the " OIL ON CANVAS VOLUME II " with 5 unreleased tracks. The compilation include instead of a conver version for piano of Lucretia that will be included in Il Fantasma dell'Opera in the near future , Ataraxia thought to include a completely exclusive new song called SUBLIMATIO, + a few of the tracks already compiled on the original Oil on Canvas, + several new songs never compiled before especially belonging to the last productions of the band (Kremasta Nera, Llyr, Spasms, Wind at Mount Elo), so it will be a sort of going on of the previous compilation with a brand new vein.... the lay-out will be a slight variation of the first Oil On Canvas beuatiful pictures of Mick Mercer. The cd comes in a beautifull gloosy digipack , limited to 500 copies.


track list
º Sublimatio (exclusive)
º Of Asphodel (from Saphir)
º The bay is white in silent light (from Vittorio Vandelli's solo album)
º Donc, je dois etre morte (from Spasms)
º Lunar Oceans (only in a previous cmpilation)
º Rashan (exclusive for Oil On Canvas I)
º Evnyssien (from Llyr)
º Temenos (exclusive for Oil On Canvas I)
º la Fame e la Danza (from Kremasta Nera)
º Lost Cosmonaut (from Wind at Mount Elo)
º May she become (only in a previous chinese compilation)
º Whisper o'er the sea (from Vittorio Vandelli's solo album)




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