glasnost - mirror


GLASNOST are Sophia Doskori and Alejo Parella. She lives in Greece, he lives in Argentina. The band started in 2004 thanks to Community-A NewOrderOnline Tribute To New Order.
They participated with their own bands but then started chatting about making a virtual band through the internet. Their first song was New Order's Crystal that was mixed by Chris Bentley and edited on the CommunityEP under the name of Nemesis. Later on they started making their own tracks and played live on August 6th 2004 on the Community Launch Party in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That was the first step to realize they had something good going on. On 2005 they changed the name to Glasnost and continued developing their own material through the web. They played live one more time on February 7th 2008 at La Brasserie in Heraklion, Greece.

After that they focused on releasing their first album so they started recording and producing all the songs they wrote through all those early years. "Mirror" is a collection of 11 songs that show the band's taste for electronic music, 80's new wave and indie rock, blending dance beats with guitars in a unique way. The album has a complex mix of sounds, with dark ballads, pop melodies, rock attitude and meaningful lyrics. Sophia's precise vocals move into the music soundscapes bringing a variety of emotions to Alejo's compositions. "Mirror" can make you dance, thrill, think or chill making your listening an experience to remember.

For fans of EMMON , MARSHEAUX , CLIENT and more...


track list

º Nuštar

º Alors

º Maybe

º Implosion

º Madness

º Now

º Nowhere

º False

º Magma

º Release

º Résistance




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