hyperborei - The invisible army


After collaborating on various compilations with new songs. HYPERBOREI returns with new album. the title is The Invisible Army, and talks about all those invisible people who seek a change for the future of humanity. 15 new songs between dark folk, martial, neoclassical . Many guest musicians as Karina Giselle from RAVEN WINGS Gaby Nekro from NEKRODAMUS, Baron Von S ( BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK ) among others. A new step in the career of these two musicians that besides the Hyperborei project, they make music for films.

track list
º The Invisible army, the beginnig
º Pray to the forest
º Summer time
º Strangers
º Summer wine
º Takeda lullaby
º Under the waters
º The invisible army , into the battle
º The victim was your heart
º Cathedral`s whisper
º Lament
º On the battlefront
º The Beginning of the end
º The Last song
º The invisible Army, the end ...



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