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Systeme Paradoxe

SYSTEME PARADOXE – Histoires Ordinaires (et deux singles)

Systeme Paradoxe is the electrocold project of Laurent T. and H.(Hélène) A pure, melancholic and melodic music from this French duo who takes as much care to chisel the sound as the image. Straight basses and icy electronics meet the black atmosphere of film music ; The voice, the song of H. sets the mood and raises the tone… Systeme Paradoxe is also the musical universe which holds the most to Laurent T.’s heart, the one where he hides the least.
Newsynth, darkwave, coldwave …. There is so many terms to define the music of Systeme Paradoxe… Laurent T. adds one with the neologism “electrocold” to qualify the result of a real return to the roots in which the duo allows themselves to sink alternating melancholy, hope and disillusionment.

About the Album :

"Histoires Ordinaires" (Ordinary Stories)
The 2 first eps received a great enthusiasm from the dark indie community, here is the third opus from the band.
The album deals with the difficulties experienced by two loving beings ; Wounds, tears, destructive passions, fleeting joys and recurrent regrets. These songs present everyday stories, treated as often with Systeme Paradoxe in almost cinematographic way.
This CD version of “Histoires Ordinaires” also include two singles previously released with the first Eps.
The cd come in a luxury digipack 3 panels entirely designed by Systeme Paradoxe.

“Stories where we look at each other; Stories of separation; Where you get hurt; Stories of repairs; Where you hug; Familiar stories; Ordinary stories”  


Track List

02-Comme le sable en hiver
04-“ Rouler… “
05-Zero zero
06-Comme le sable en hiver ( solo versión )
07-“ Rouler… “ ( instrumental )
08-Zero zero ( instrumental bonus fan )

Bonus singles :
09-París – Barcelone
10-Ne m'attends plus ( soft versión )


COD: TW 1.172
TITLE: Histoires Ordinaires et deux singles
GENRE: Newsynth, darkwave, coldwave
YEAR: 2023
FORMAT: Digipack CD