the graal - A tribute to the Holy Grails


THE GRAAL - A tribute to the Holy Grails - delves into the myths around the Holy Grail: since its creation from a detached emerald gem of Lucifer, to the extravagant court of King Arthur, to the enigmatic Patagonia Argentina, where it would be found buried next to the Knight Parsifal body. Ancient riddles. Contemporary enigmas. All seek and want the Holy Grail, an object that allows the immortality of body and soul salvation.





track list
º ERG - Sacro catino
º PERSONA - Phoenix graal
º THE WYRM - El pecado esculpido
º KAZERIA - Arcturus , king of Arktos
º OUROBOROS - Sanctun gradalis
º HYPERBOREI - March and glory
º TURNAVEL - Li reis pescheors
º STILLME - Carne de olivo
º DARK AWAKE - Le conte du graal
º KRASCHAU - La crocifissione
º IGNIIS - Varitumi erks nagua.


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